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When great things happen at Skydive Buzz we like to let the world know. Checkout our press releases on this page.

World's Oldest Skydiver
15th May 2017 - Liz Hourahine

After completing his first tandem skydive at the age of 100 in 2016, Verdun Hayes came back for more to break the world record for the oldest person to do a skydive at the age of 101 and 38 days. On the 14th of May 2017 he arrived with 10…

Take part in a unique Guinness World record!
19th August 2016 - Skydive Buzz

The most tandem skydives from the ULTIMATE height 15000 Feet above the sea level (Flight level 150). This has never been done before! Take part in a unique Guinness World Record for the most tandem skydives in 24 hours from the ULTIMATE height 15000 Feet above the sea level (Flight…

100 year old man skydives to make history in the UK
11th April 2016 - Skydive Buzz

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Verdun Hayes who is 100 years old and did his first tandem skydive on Saturday the 9th of April 2016. Verdun jumped at Skydive.Buzz Ltd in Devon and became the oldest skydiver in the UK. The current Guinness World Record for the Oldest tandem parachute jump (male)…

Maisie Williams skydives with us again!
14th November 2015 - Aija Stikane

Maisie Williams from popular TV series “Doctor Who” and “Game of Thrones” skydived for her favourite charities on 17th of October 2015. Skydive took place at Skydive.Buzz in Devon and she opted for the maximum height possible without oxygen 15000 feet. She was raising money for Mencap and the Dolphin…

Maisie Williams Skydives to Break Guinness World Record
15th April 2015 - Aija Stikane

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams skydives to break Guinness World Record Actress Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark from the popular HBO television series Game of Thrones will take part in the Guinness World Record attempt on 20th of June 2015. She will attend the world’s biggest tandem skydive event…