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Why choose skydiving?

Behind every good business are the cogs that make your business turn – the people. Arguably the most valuable part of any company, it is important to give your staff a sense of team and a platform to build friendships that will not only help the moral in your company but ultimately provide your business with growth. They say look after your staff and they will look after you and here at Skydive Buzz Ltd we couldn’t agree more!

There is a wealth of corporate team building activities on the market but skydiving is fast becoming one of the most popular events on the market – no surprises there!

What better to bond a group of people together than the nervous excitement that leads up to a skydive, the adrenaline as they climb into the aircraft, then the euphoric feeling that sends people bounding over to each other with a giant grin when their feet touch the ground! Weekend after weekend we watch jumpers who arrived calling each other "acquaintances" and "colleagues” rush together for a congratulation hug and a stream of excited talking that takes some time to wear off!

Provide your staff with a day they will remember and talk about forever!

How we can help

  • Exclusive Event Date and Time – we’ll even operate especially for you!
  • Tailored Event to fit in with your needs.
  • Book Online Button – straight into your event.
  • Unique Registraction Packs.
  • Unique Promo Flyers and Posters.
  • Dedicated Skydive Coordinator.
  • Our staff on hand seven days a week.
  • And best of all…15,000ft of Altitude!

Tailor Made Event

We endeavour to make your event unique and extra special; please let us know if you have any other ideas!

Parachute Packing

Who wants to pack the bosses parachute?! We can add this nerve-wracking option to your team building day, meaning your staff can help pack each other’s chutes… if you dare!


you can hire the entire drop zone if you want to have us exclusively to yourselves.


If our usual operating days don’t fit in with your requirements, we can open and operate especially for you.


Fancy a nice cooked breakfast before your safety briefing? Or a hot / cold buffet during your event? We even have our own restaurant so you could celebrate with a three course dinner after the event!

Team Building Photography

We have a set of highly skilled freefall photographers to who can capture your entire day giving staff members a lasting reminder and to reinforce their achievements.

Make a Night of it

Not only do we offer free camping, there’s also a number local hotels and B&Bs who will offer you a discount if you’re jumping with us.

Champagne Celebrations

We can provide each member of staff with a glass or bottle of bubbly and a personalised certificate on landing.

Who jumps with who?!

Your company can choose who each member jumps with… this is perfect to bond those people who might not usually see eye to eye!

*Some options may be subject to additional charges. Please speak to us for more information.