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Accelerated Freefall
Learn to Skydive

What is Accelerated Freefall

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is simply the fastest and easiest way to learn to skydive. The course is designed for the individual who wants to progress in the sport with the aim to becoming a qualified Skydiver. Our team of British Parachute Association AFF instructors have over 52,000 skydives logged so you are in great hands!

You will complete one day of ground training, then you will be able to jump! You will first jump with instructors holding you and pull your own parachute, then progress until you can skydive with no instructor and learn freefall manoeuvres. Then after 10 jumps entirely on your own, you will be a licensed skydiver!

Our AFF Courses start at 9am where you will meet your instructor. Before you can make your first skydive – we will teach you how! You will receive a minimum of 6 hours ground tuition, covering the safety aspects, the equipment you will use, how to exit the aircraft, control in freefall and how to fly and land your parachute. There is then a multiple choice test that you will be expected to pass. On completion of the ground tuition, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to make you a safe and confident first time skydiver. Your jump will then take place on the next jumpable day.

A DVD option is available on your AFF jump, please return to the welcome page for more information on having the most exhilarating moment of your life captured on DVD!

Why learn with us?

  • 15,000ft (FL150) - Get the most freefall time for your money.
  • Fast Aircraft 3 Beech 99's taking you to 15,000ft in approximately 10 minutes. Less time in the plane, more time learning or skydiving!
  • World Class Instructors - Learn from some of the best skydive instructors around.
  • Community - Enjoy the welcoming and relaxed social side to our club.

During your ground training you will learn:

  • How your parachute equipment works.
  • How to board and exit the aircraft.
  • How to give the correct body position for Freefall.
  • How to deploy your parachute.
  • How to identify the airfield, fly and land your parachute.
  • How to deal with novel situations and emergencies.

Course Progression

Our dedicated BPA approved AFF Instructors will coach you through the British Parachute Association Accelerated freefall System to graduation in a minimum of 18 skydives. Then the sky’s the limit!!

The program starts with one day’s training on the ground. You will then be ready to take to the sky and complete your 8 levels and 10 consolidation jumps. Each level takes minimum one jump.

  • Level 1 - Jumping from 15,000ft with two instructors holding you on either side. You will demonstrate a stable body position, monitor your altitude and pull your own parachute, then land it yourself.
  • Level 2-3 - Still with two instructors, they will start to let go of you in freefall until you’re really skydiving by yourself.
  • Level 4-5 - Now you only need one instructor with you, and you will learn how to turn and control your heading (direction).
  • Level 6 - You will be exiting without an instructor holding you although they will still jump with you. You will learn backloops and tracking (moving forward in the air).
  • Level 7 - You will show all the skills you’ve learnt; turns, backloops and tracking.
  • Level 8 - This consists of jumping from 7000ft with a short delay before pulling your parachute, to simulate an unplanned exit.
  • Consolidation jumps: Minimum 10 - Here you can jump out without any instructor at all and have freedom to try things in freefall. After all these are completed you will be a licensed skydiver!

Progress requirements

Before you get your license, every day that you come wanting to jump you must complete a quick refresh of your training in the morning.

In order to keep jumping whenever you want, you must jump once every 3 months. If you wait longer than this time limit you must complete an extended refresh, which would be longer and more thorough. There may be an extra charge for this.

After 6 months without jumping a full retrain will be required, with further extra charges.

There’s a saying that ‘currency is key’. In order to progress well, regular jumping is crucial!

AFF Course Dates

We are running groundschools on the following dates; click a date to book your place!

Course Cost £0.00
Flight Ticket
Just pay a £100 deposit
Total £0.00
Total Due Now £0.00

This jumper is aged 16 - 55

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and understand that all payments are non-refundable

Height to Weight Chart

7 7 4 4 47 133
7 11 4 5 49 135
8 2 4 6 51 138
8 6 4 7 53 140
8 10 4 8 55 143
9 1 4 9 57 145
9 5 4 10 59 148
9 10 4 11 61 150
10 0 5 0 63 153
10 5 5 1 66 155
10 10 5 2 68 158
11 1 5 3 70 161
11 6 5 4 72 163
11 11 5 5 74 166
12 2 5 6 77 168
12 7 5 7 79 171
12 12 5 8 82 173
13 4 5 9 84 176
13 9 5 10 86 178
14 1 5 11 89 181

Accelerated Freefall Restrictions

For weight restrictions please refer to the weight to height ratio chart, (find your height on the chart, then check you are no heavier than the adjacent weight). Please call the office before booking if you are over 14 stone.

For learning to solo skydive the minimum age is 16 years and the maximum age is 55 years. If you are aged between 16 and 18 you must obtain a parent or guardians consent, on BPA form 106 (Parental Consent).

If you have any medical conditions (i.e. diabetes, epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness, asthma or shoulder dislocation) or will be aged between 40 and 55 on the day of your first jump, you must consult your GP to sign and stamp the BPA medical form 114-A(i) “Solo Student Parachutist Declaration of Fitness”. These forms are available on request, from our website, or will be sent to you with confirmation once a booking has been confirmed.